Weather-triggered dynamic ads

Dynamically personalize your ads using local weather data signals

Creative that adapts to users' local weather

Using weather data signals you can dynamically tailor the content or products featured in your ads:


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  • Real-time weather data feed with city-level granularity
  • Personalize creative based on weather data signals like temperature and precipitation
  • Promote higher engagement with a more contextually relevant and thoughtfully tailored message
Dynamic Weather

Use cases

Here are three simple ways you can personalize ads using local weather data signals:


Shopping mood

Feature productions related to specific weather conditions. For example:

Signal: Sunny
Inspire with your spring collection

Signal: Rainy
Promote new line of waterproof jackets


Custom messaging

Personalize ads with live text featuring the current temperature. For example:

Signal: Temperature -5°
"It's -5°. Is your home winter ready?"

Signal: Temperature 15°
"It's 15°. Is your patio spring ready?"


Likelihood of purchase

Pair different creative themes with specific temperature ranges. For example:

Signal: Temperature below 0°
Feature a tropical getaway promotion

Signal: Temperature above 10°
Feature a local destination offer