Walmart Canada uses custom audiences to inform campaign tactics and drive greater ROI

Walmart Canada wanted to increase the volume of online orders fulfilled through its in-store pickup option with a national digital display and video campaign. In the past, Campaign Manager Floodlight-based audiences provided a strong base, but Walmart wanted to elevate it’s audience strategy to include segments enriched with more campaign specificity and value-based attributes. Walmart and MediaNet partnered to develop a data-informed audience approach that included testing new segmentation approaches available through Analytics 360 including Session Quality, Category and Product-Level buyer behaviour.

Lift in ROAS


Reduction in eCPA


Lift in Conversion Rate


  • Drive online orders and in-store pickup among both new and existing Walmart audiences
  • Use Analytics 360 to inform audience strategies executed through Display & Video 360
  • Use Analytics 360 to build custom segments enriched with site behavior and customer value attributes to support campaign goals with a high degree of specificity
  • 2.4x lift in ROAS
  • 14x lift in Conversion Rate
  • 56.7% lower eCPA

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