Scotiabank’s MD Financial division brings Google Marketing Platform in-house and boosts conversion efficiency

MD Financial wanted to advance its approach to digital and sought a solution that would enable it to integrate previously opaque, siloed media data to improve the quality of insights possible and produce more effective marketing. To achieve this objective, MediaNet consulted the MD Financial team through the process of deploying a full-stack Google Marketing Platform Solution, developing a phased internalization roadmap, and equipping the MD Financial in-house team with the skills and process foundation required to successfully take control of their digital media operation.

Lift in performance


Reduction in eCPA


Increase in conversions


  • Gain control over and transparency into digital channel activity and media cost
  • Enable a holistic approach to digital media execution and attribution
  • Migrate programmatic technologies in-house with the flexibility to transition to an internally-managed model
  • Improve conversion efficiency across digital touchpoints
  • Consolidate all digital media activities within Google Marketing Platform (solution design, technical onboarding & implementation of Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager)
  • Conduct a search advertising audit to evaluate current state, internalization readiness, establish new measurement approach, and identify opportunities for better performance
  • Restructure Google Ads account and campaign implementations, revamp approach to tracking and ad messaging based on findings of audit
  • Transition programmatic activity to Google Marketing Platform via managed service to provide MD Financial staff with the time and foundation necessary to complete platform training and setup for success prior to complete independence
  • 3x immediate display performance lift resulting from a more streamlined programmatic program
  • 169% increase in search conversion volume and 54% drop in search eCPA thanks to account restructuring and implementation of SA360 smart bidding strategies
  • Successful transition of Search Ads 360 management to in-house team coupled with immediate 24% increase in search investment

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