Freshbooks boosts conversion efficiency with Google Marketing Platform

Freshbooks, a national provider of accounting software, sought to expand their global marketing efforts into programmatic display to supplement search and social tactics and drive qualified trial registrations among small and medium business owners. Freshbooks enlisted MediaNet for their onboarding of Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager platforms to build a programmatic in-house program from the ground up. Leveraging fully-managed services such as: strategic advisement, custom dashboarding and performance optimizations, Freshbooks gained a dramatic increase in conversion volume and exceeded historical goals.

New signups


Increase in budget


Reduction in eCPA


  • Increase global market presence and generate new qualified trial offer registrations
  • Build in-house programmatic display programs from scratch to supplement search and social efforts and prove efficacy
  • Onboarded Display and Video 360 and Campaign Manager for a holistic approach to campaign activity
  • Managed services included: strategic advisement, data-backed KPI establishment, budget and performance optimizations, program planning and recommendations
  • Drove 2,500+ signups, surpassing client goal in less than 3 months and proved effectiveness of programmatic display
  • Increased budget investment by 2x only a few months into the campaign
  • Achieved 25% reduction in eCPA vs. benchmark goal

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