National retailer engages audiences with a personalized dynamic flyer to promote sales

A national retailer needed a creative solution that would echo weekly print flyer promotions through a personalized lens. Using custom master templates and API-driven dynamic feeds, MediaNet worked within the Google Studio environment to develop a robust creative solution that could power nearly 2,000 ad variations - each personalized to audience interests and locations at a national scale. The solution’s template-based approach made it possible to quickly refresh featured products, headlines and imagery to reflect the weekly cadence of flyer promotions.

Hours saved in
trafficking time


Reduction in
creative production time


production costs


  • Design an agile creative strategy to reflect weekly print flyer promotions
  • Improve the ability to personalize ads to audiences at scale by leveraging segments delivered through Analytics 360
  • Streamline and improve the efficiency of the creative production process using Google Studio’s integration with the full-suite of Google Marketing Platform
  • products
  • MediaNet developed a data-driven creative solution that would feature personalized promotions to specific Analytics 360 audience segments delivered through Campaign Manager (with regionally accurate pricing)
  • Working within Google Studio, MediaNet developed a set of master ad templates paired with a dynamic feed and powered by the retailer’s personalization logic
  • Custom API integrations were used to integrate accurate regional product pricing for users at a local level
  • Feed-based content management made it possible to quickly turnover featured products to reflect ongoing weekly flyer promotions
  • Dynamic creative was seamlessly published from Google Studio to the retailer’s Campaign Manager account where they were available for immediate trafficking to DV360
  • The scope of production was reduced by 99% - from the 1,850+ ad creatives originally required to only 4 data-driven units
  • Creative production time was reduced by 85% (real-time vs. traditional updates)
  • 230+ hours saved in trafficking time (dynamic vs. standard campaign)
  • Reduction in total cost of creative build by 98% (dynamic vs. standard campaign) allowing greater investment in working media dollars

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