Cefaly improves website user experience with Google Optimize

A global B2C health technology company sought to improve its desktop and mobile user experience with the goal of increasing eCommerce conversions. Using Google Optimize, MediaNet launched a robust, always-on A/B testing program to discover the types of UX improvements that site visitors would respond to best.

Lift in desktop
conversion rate


Increase in
avg. session duration


Reduction in
bounce rate


  • Increase conversions by improving desktop and mobile UX for customers
  • Improve usability and engagement across homepage, product and informational pages
  • Identify and execute A/B testing strategy focused on 45 different UX improvements across 11 pages with Google Optimize
  • Deploy experiments and measure outcomes through integrated Analytics data with a focus on conversion efficiency, session duration and bounce rate goals
  • Implement website optimizations on a continuous basis by leveraging feedback from ongoing Experiments and Analytics results
  • Improved optimizations contributed to a 4.4x desktop conversion growth, a significant lift in ecommerce sales.
  • Improved optimizations contributed to a 26% increase in average session duration
  • Site optimizations contributed to an 11% reduction in bounce rate across all devices

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