Bank of Montreal drives application volume and conversion efficiency with Google Marketing Platform

Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group, a multinational financial services provider, sought a more efficient way to engage new prospective applicants for its personal banking credit cards and enlisted MediaNet to advise on how it could better leverage its investment in Display & Video 360.

MediaNet approached the project with a two-fold agenda — first: boost the effectiveness of remarketing tactics with a high-touch approach to campaign optimization, and second: provide BMO with greater transparency into performance and media optimization activities through a customized Data Studio dashboard and tailored reporting views.

Using historical application volume and eCPA as benchmarks, MediaNet devised a plan to improve the program’s media efficiency and increase conversion volume, beginning with a thorough audit of the campaign's existing implementation and historicals. MediaNet re-architected the campaign implementation and embarked on a high-touch, insights-fueled approach to optimization that led to a dramatic 82% reduction in eCPA within 14 weeks.


14 weeks

Reduction in eCPA




  • Improve remarketing efficiency to boost cost per acquisition performance
  • Increase the volume of online applications
  • Capitalize on the interest of users who visited the site but had not yet converted
  • Examine touchpoints that influence the customer journey through the use of a custom dashboard and reporting
  • Perform continuous optimization toward conversion-driving factors such as audience, sites and tactics through a multi-stage remarketing strategy
  • MediaNet's work with BMO led to an 82% reduction in eCPA within 14 weeks

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