Digital advertising thoughts from the minds at MediaNet

Colours have a powerful effect on emotional tone or feeling. It has been a long-standing trick for fast-food restaurants to use the colour red in their décor and signage to entice consumers to dine. A similar use of colour can be applied to online advertising to invoke certain emotional triggers from your audience.

Besides the use and consideration of your brand colours, you may want to use additional tones to grab attention, drive a call to action, or relay a key message. Different colours can affect the mood your ad creative will convey:

  • Red – Strength, courage, energy and excitement
  • Yellow – Excitement, purity, fun and modern
  • Green – Environmental, harmony, balance and peace
  • Blue – Intelligence, trust, logic, and success
  • Orange – Comfort, warmth, fun, and abundance
  • Purple – Luxury, authenticity, femininity, and quality

On your next creative campaign, take a look at the overall colour palette being used and consider what subconscious message your ad is conveying. Is the emotional tone the right one for the campaign? Does it harmonize with your brand identity?