Feeling inspired to revamp or enhance your creative strategy in the New Year?  Did you know that you can quickly and seamlessly design, produce, and manage ad creatives within the Display & Video 360 platform? Here are five exciting creative formats worth checking out:

1. Audio 
Upload and preview audio creatives for your next programmatic audio campaign within DV360.  Audio creatives are 15 or 30 seconds in length and may be accompanied by a companion display asset depending on the publisher.

2. Native 
Quickly and easily create native display and video ads and assign them to any display line item within DV360.  Simply upload the required assets (headline, image, logo, etc.) to set up a native campaign.

3. Scroll-based video 
Flipbook is a mobile outstream video ad that only plays when the ad is visible and the user is scrolling.  Flipbook is a newer format that is currently eligible to run on Google Ad Manager inventory.

4. App-install promotion 
Create mobile banners (320×50), interstitials (with or without video), and native formats that promote your Android or iOS app.  The install call-to-action directs users to your existing app store for immediate download.

5. Data-driven dynamic 
DV360 offers three responsive data-driven creative templates: ‘Panorama’ – contains three frames of content that users can swipe through, ‘Cue Card’ – with three frames of content that scroll down, and ‘Blank Slate’ – a simple image creative format. These dynamic formats are ready to deploy following some light customizations that can be quickly made within the Format Gallery.

Next steps

To get started with one of these creative formats, simply navigate to the appropriate advertiser account within DV360 and on the left menu click Creative > Creatives > Format Gallery to select and launch your template.

For more advanced rich media creative formats, we recommend a two-stage workflow that combines both Google Web Designer and Google Studio.  To learn more, please visit the Google Web Designer and Google Studio platform guides directly.

If you are interested in full-service custom or advanced dynamic creative production services, please contact your MediaNet account team to get started.