Global marketers estimate they waste an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies.  Investing in controlled testing as part of your digital program management strategy can help bring clarity to which of your tactics may be more effective and increase the efficiency of your investments.

‘Experiments’ is an easy to activate in-platform workflow that can be used to compare performance across multiple line items or insertion orders both mid- and post-campaign.  For best results, limit testing to 1 variable per experiment and use new insertion orders or line items in your experiments.

The A/B testing framework is now available in Display and Video 360:

  • Test every single variable dimension affecting a campaign including targeting, settings, creative, and more
  • Report on key metrics such as CPC, CTR, CPA, CVR and CPM

Learn more about Experiments and how to setup your own A/B test in DV360.