When it comes to display advertising, approximately 2% of all Web traffic converts on the first visit [1].  Through retargeting, we are able to reach the remaining 98% of users who did not immediately convert.  Retargeting enables you to focus on the most promising audience: the one that has already shown interest in your product or brand; and simply remind those users of their former desire to purchase or complete an unfinished conversion action, such as completing a form or purchase.

MediaNet conducted a study based on a sample of hundreds of conversion-focused campaigns that ran during 2016 to evaluate the effectiveness of retargeting as a conversion-driving strategy.  The study revealed that:

  • 85% of total conversions were generated by retargeted customers
  • The average cost of a retargeting conversion is 3x less than the cost of a non-retargeting conversion
  • A retargeted impression is 10x more likely to net a conversion, versus a non-retargeted impression

With retargeting, brands have the ability to effectively target and engage with their highest value audiences to net the highest possible ROI.  26% of customers will return to a site via retargeting versus only 8% without retargeting [2] and by re-engaging interested visitors, marketers get a “second chance” to win them over. For any conversion-focused campaign, retargeting should play the starring role.