Meet a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that builds on the foundation of the App + Web property introduced last year. The new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next, helping you:

  • Gain smarter insights via machine learning analysis (e.g. Churn probability)
  • Leverage analytics for Search tactics through a deeper integration with Google Ads
  • Measure cross-channel interactions in one place, including app, web, YouTube, search, social and email
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers across their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to conversion and retention

How do I access it?

You can access the new Google Analytics through the Google Analytics 4 property (formerly known as “App + Web properties”) which you can set up alongside your existing Analytics properties. This will allow you to start collecting data and benefit from the latest innovations as they become available while keeping your current implementation intact.

Is this the same as Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics refers to the previous generation of Analytics. This was the default property type for websites prior to October 14, 2020.  The new Google Analytics is now the default experience for all new properties.

What about Analytics 360?

An Analytics 360 version that will offer SLAs and advanced integrations with tools like BigQuery will be coming soon, stay tuned.

Learn more about this announcement via the Google Marketing Platform blog.

Ready to get started?  Here’s how.