Turn data into marketing capability.

Fuel more profitable marketing decisions by connecting, visualizing and activating your media, site and customer data.

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Future focused.

It's competitive out there. To keep up, you need to understand your customers and how to reach them in a way that is both relevant and efficient. Our flexible analytics solutions empower marketers with the capability to visualize the customer journey and use that insight to drive more business growth.

complex questions

Mine more meaning from your data by collapsing silos and sharing access across teams.

actionable insights

Identify new opportunities to grow and optimize marketing outcomes.

business success

Understand the incremental impact paid media has on growing revenue.

From on-demand support to complex implementations (and everything in between).

MediaNet’s range of capability spans the gamut of industry-leading analytics, tag management and cloud computing platforms with a specialization in Google technologies.

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data ecosystem

"57% of marketers are challenged by the siloed data that is managed by different teams across their organization."

Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester
Consulting on behalf of Google, March 2020

Move your business forward with the power of advanced analytics.

Fuel more profitable marketing decisions by connecting, visualizing and activating your media, site and customer data.

Bring your data together in one place

Unify traditionally disconnected sources of customer data (CRM, eCommerce, POS, media, site) to enable previously unattainable measurement and personalization use cases.

  • Data pipeline development
  • Marketing data warehousing
  • Data preparation & transformation
  • customer journey
    Understand the customer journey

    Measure the various ways your customers interact with your business along the path to purchase by easily integrating data from the marketing tools you use.

  • Trendspotting
  • Self-service analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • marketing outcomes
    Predict marketing outcomes

    Use powerful machine learning to get a clearer picture of how customers will engage with your business.

  • Lifetime value prediction
  • Purchase prediction
  • Churn prediction
  • Algorithm design
  • personalized experiences
    Personalize the customer experience

    Create more engaging, personalized experiences that increase loyalty and drive revenue.

  • Audience strategy
  • Data-driven segmentation
  • Personalization engine
  • Manage your data journey seamlessly.

    Get the most value out of the data assets you already own with advanced automations, machine learning and instant workflows in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — all customized to your specific business needs.

    c4m ecosystem

    Custom tailored, platform agnostic solutions.

    We sit at the intersection of business and technology, empowering marketing and technical teams with the insight, capability and specialist support required to accelerate digital maturity.

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    Engagement models

    Flexible support for your business across the full data journey.


    • Project-based
    • On-demand support
    • Staff augmentation


    Implementation & strategy

    Build a strong foundation with customized solutioning and integrations.


    • Measurement strategy
    • Analytics & tagging audit
    • Analytics & tagging solution design
    • Data layer development


    Data engineering

    Surface the metrics that matter most to your business.


    • Data pipeline development
    • Marketing automation
    • API integrations
    • Data preparation & transformation


    Data science

    The power of analytics with programmatic to improve outcomes.


    • Custom bidding
    • Custom model development & training
    • Attribution modeling
    • Predictive modeling & segmentation

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    Committed to service & technical excellence.

    tech foundations

    Driving best-in-class implementations of Google Marketing Platform and related technologies.

    marketing operations

    Providing access, consulting and support to help you own and operate your own marketing technology stack.

    user experiences

    Personalizing the customer journey to deliver more valuable experiences and stronger media impact.

    business outcomes

    Helping you discover and act on insights that drive new customer acquisition and conversion efficiency.

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