Digital investment management for better business outcomes

MediaNet delivers excellence in the implementation, execution, and growth management of our customers' digital advertising investments — across channels, formats and screens.

Using transformative practices, we help marketers of all shapes and sizes build transparency into the core of their digital operations and lever data to deliver customer experiences that drive bigger business impact.


We help marketers build purposeful human connections

MediaNet is a digital consultancy with a specialization in advertising investment management.

We're not just specialists across the spectrum of digital advertising disciplines—we're specialists at bringing them all together. By putting the customer at the center of your strategy, we create purposeful and effective programs that help you stay connected to your audience in a way that matters to their lives and your business.



Helping you reach your customers in the right moments with the right message at every point along their path to purchase.



Managing every step of your workflow, from data integrations and platform onboarding to ad trafficking and quality assurance.



Diving deep into the numbers to help you understand—and act on—what your customers care about most.



Transforming your content and data into vehicles for timely, meaningful brand experiences.


We engineer technology and process to make everything work better

MediaNet is an engineering company at heart, but a services company by trade. Today, we bring those strengths together to craft remarkable experiences (for our clients and their customers) with engineered precision.


Connected thinking and working ensure that our clients are faster to learn and faster to grow than their peers.


Technology, automation and process standardization help us recognize success and build on it faster.


We build holistic platforms that draw on insights from our collective experiences—for better performance and bigger wins.


MediaNet & Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is the leading enterprise digital marketing suite for creating, managing and measuring digital marketing campaigns across channels and screens. Available through MediaNet, the Google Marketing Platform can help you reach your customers wherever they are through a unified technology stack and intuitive cross-platform workflow.

Campaign Manager

Deliver and manage your campaigns across screens and formats through one intuitive ad serving and campaign management platform. Campaign Manager simplifies the complete campaign management process from planning and trafficking through to reporting and attribution. Every aspect of your digital program can be controlled from one place so you can do more in less time.

  • Cross-screen, full-funnel measurement
  • Industry-leading fraud protection
  • Built-in viewability and content verification
  • Unified measurement and attribution
  • Cross-format creative trafficking (mobile, video, rich media, dynamic)
  • Intuitive system workflow with time saving features (bulk uploads, scheduled reports)
  • Seamless integration with Google Marketing Platform's programmatic, creative and analytics solutions
Display and Video 360

Reach always-connected consumers when and where it matters with Google Marketing Platform's holistic programmatic buying. Display & Video 360 gives you access to premium inventory across screens and formats, along with the real-time insights and granular controls you need to optimize with precision.

  • Precise targeting and optimization, including proprietary Google data plus best-in-class contextual targeting
  • Industry-leading fraud protection
  • Built in viewability and content verification
  • Premium video inventory
  • Intuitive system workflow with time saving features
  • Discover and buy premium media, including programmatic guaranteed, direct deals and open exchange all from one simple interface
Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is an enterprise search management platform that enables you to coordinate campaigns across multiple search engines including Google Ads, Bing Ads and Baidu all in one place. Search campaigns can now be tightly integrated with all of your digital advertising efforts, giving you a complete view of your audience and cross-channel performance.

  • Performance bidding suite with portfolio-level bidding that auto-optimizes across engines to reach your goals
  • Automate your search ads, keywords and bids on the fly with inventory-aware campaigns, seamlessly integrated with Google Merchant Center
  • Full support for Google Ads RLSA campaigns
  • Cross-device measurement and mobile bid automation
  • Bid smarter by defining customized Floodlight variables based on user segments

Find out what service solution aligns best with your needs

From Google Marketing Platform access backed by first-class training and technical support to comprehensive planning, campaign management and creative development — our team of experts can help you make the most of your digital advertising investments.



MediaNet's team of experts directly manages all in-platform aspects of the programmatic marketing lifecycle, working as an extension of your internal team.



Your team directly manages all in-platform aspects of the programmatic marketing lifecycle with our support and guidance.



Your team of experts independently manages all in-platform aspects of the programmatic marketing lifecycle with full autonomy.


Build beautiful, personalized creative experiences

Every brilliant campaign begins with thoughtfully-designed, strategically-executed creative. We build data-informed, high-impact ad experiences with an unparalleled standard for creative excellence—for work that looks as good as it performs.


Better results is our only mandate

Nearly 15 years since our founding, priority one remains developing collaborative, durable partnerships built on trust, integrity and enduring value.



Helping organizations of all varieties safely and profitably invest their digital budgets has been our privilege since 2003.



We are independent and agnostic. This give us the freedom to do what is best for every client in every situation.



Our all-in-one solutions seamlessly combine talents from many practices so you can go further with less.



Your success is our success. Find out first hand why 80% of our clients have been working with us for over 5 years.


Companies of all shapes and sizes are transforming the way they invest in digital

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