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Put big data to work

Optimax®, our dynamic decisioning technology, uses genetic algorithms and machine learning to automatically discover what combination of campaign dimensions works best - when, where and for who.

Using evolutionary neural networks, it evaluates trillions of data point combinations throughout your campaign's life-cycle across thousands of different site, creative and user level variables.

Learn about your audience

Optimax generates big data insights about who responds best to your campaign and creative. You can use these insights to understand more about who your audience is, what they're like and how they engage with different creative.

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Optimize to your goal

Our predictive models can be calibrated to optimize whatever your campaign goal is - revenue, engagements, actions - if we can measure it, we can optimize it.

Dynamic creative optimization

Tell the story that connects best for every audience.

One ad, infinite possibilities

Use business rules, data feeds and creative assets to automatically customize ads in real time for specific audiences, environments and moments in time.

The best ad for every viewer

Automatically match the best performing creative version to each viewer based on thousands of different criteria (context, geolocation, segment, time).

Creative customization at scale

Get full creative control and dynamic flexibility; produce thousands of creative versions for each campaign at a fraction of the traditional cost.


Experiment with something new every day.

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