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Interest-Based Targeting (IBT) Reach relevant audience and household segments using dynamically updated user-level interest, intent and demographic data from leading third party data providers.
Technographics Reach audiences running specific browsers or browser configurations (e.g. language), operating systems or bandwidth.
Geolocation Deliver your campaign to audiences based on their geographic location. Choose from country, region, state/province, city, DMA or zip/postal code FSA.
Retargeting Continue the conversation with interested consumers: using retargeting, we can find your audience wherever they are on MediaNet and deliver repeat or sequential messaging to them.


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psychographic skew
Our integration with comScore allows us to seamlessly identify and target sites using over 6,000 audience attributes covering not only age, gender and household variables, but also consumer interests, lifestyles and buying behaviour.
Content channel Target your campaign to any combination of our 19 channels and more than 70 sub-channels (e.g. home & garden).

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Site class Control delivery of your ads to sites based on their global/national mindshare


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Post buy transparency Block sites that have not authorized domain level post buy reporting transparency.
Brand Safe controls Apply content filters (e.g. political) and exclude individual sites and domain extensions.

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