Our Leadership Team

Joe Casale, President, Chief Executive Officer

Joe has been involved in the R&D of ground-breaking communications technologies for more than 40 years. His keen interest in microcomputers led him to explore the emerging field of electronic communications in the early 1970s and he eventually expanded his focus to embrace the early Internet, guiding early developments in the digital content space. Joe's decades of industry experience culminated in the launch of the industry's first real-time online advertising network, MediaNet. His commitment to quality and ethical business practices has helped establish Casale Media as a trusted, quality focused leader in the advertising technology space. Joe graduated from the University of Toronto and the Devry Institute of Technology as an Engineering Technologist in 1974.

Julia Casale, Chief Marketing Officer

Julia has been with Casale Media since the company's founding. As Chief Marketing Officer she is responsible for the development, oversight, and execution of marketing strategy across the organization - straddling both the Index and MediaNet business units to deliver brand and tactical communications across all stakeholder touch points. Julia hails from the digital publishing and global eBusiness sectors where she worked in the visual design, human experience and content strategy fields. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing Management from Ryerson University.

Mayuran Yogarajah, VP Engineering

Mayuran has been with Casale Media since the company's founding. He played a key role in the development of Casale Media's optimization engine, Optimax, visual reporting product, MediaNet Views, and rich media platform, VOS. Most recently, Mayuran helped to establish the company's RTB technology, which has since manifested as Index. Currently, Mayuran leads Casale Media's team of Engineers, overseeing all activities related to infrastructure and applications development and deployment for both MediaNet and Index. Mayuran attended the University of Toronto.

Manny Goncalves, Director of Finance

Manny has been with Casale Media in an advisory capacity since the company's inception. In 2010, Manny joined Casale Media as Director of Finance. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's finance and accounting functions. Manny contributes over 30 years of leadership experience in the retail and commercial banking and finance field. He is an accredited professional financial planner and a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Victor Amorim, National Sales Manager

Victor helped lead early development of the Canadian sales territory and has been a key part of the Casale Media team since 2007. He spent the first ten years of his career working in the market research, digital publishing and enterprise software solutions fields.