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Nearly 15 years since our founding, priority one remains developing high-quality, durable relationships built on trust, standards and enduring value.

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The MediaNet story


In 2003, MediaNet — launched by Casale Media — became the world's first real-time advertising network. Casale Media always strived both to maintain a network made up solely of premium publishers and to offer the best possible advertising solutions to buyers and agencies. For over a decade, Casale Media perfected this balancing act: remaining neutral and enforcing strict confidentiality in its dealings with both advertisers and publishers.

However, as Casale Media continued to grow, this feat of balance became increasingly difficult. In order to maintain its standards of neutrality, confidentiality, and transparency for both advertisers and publishers, Casale Media was divided into two companies to allow a complete separation between each distinct client community. MediaNet continued to serve as the demand side, focusing on the needs of advertisers and agencies.

The Shift to Programmatic

One of the most significant trends behind Casale Media's expansion and eventual split towards the end of 2014 was the industry-wide expansion into programmatic advertising — that is, the development and implementation of new technologies to automate each part of the ad buying process.

After the split, MediaNet transitioned from a traditional display network to a demand-driven programmatic environment. Despite this shift in methods and access to scale, though, MediaNet has carefully maintained its transparent and conservative approach to ad buying. As an ad network, its inventory was developed with stringent protocols: a thorough verification process, direct publisher relationships, and continuous monitoring to ensure the highest quality standards. Today, MediaNet maintains the same values of quality, transparency, and brand safety instilled in its core, translating these values to every aspect of the digital campaign workflow. From selectively focused supply curation, to the meticulous evaluation of new and emerging technologies, MediaNet treads carefully to develop lasting relationships with trusted partners.

By focusing on programmatic, MediaNet is no longer constrained by the speed at which it can roll out new platform functionality or acquire partnerships with premium supply sources. There is far more flexibility in matching client needs to the best possible solutions for their unique goals.

The MediaNet Advantage

Today, programmatic advertising has taken off as the approach to ad buying/selling, and new programmatic-based digital advertising companies continue to flood the market. Only MediaNet, though, has more than a decade's experience across every corner of the digital advertising sphere. Cultivated from traditional ad network roots with both supply- and demand-side expertise, MediaNet's highly skilled team is intimately familiar with running a marketplace, evaluating supply, and leveraging data in order to optimize buying efficiency. MediaNet witnessed the birth of programmatic and has grown as a company through every stage of its evolution.

In addition, MediaNet separates itself from its competitors through the pursuit of excellence in digital advertising by simultaneously integrating access to top in-house creative talent and digestible business intelligence into every campaign endeavor. Programmatic advertising offers a wealth of opportunities for expansive creativity, and the development of an in-house creative team to collaborate with clients from concept to completion allows MediaNet to provide exclusive and accessible full-service campaign solutions.

MediaNet's unique business intelligence unit allows the company to translate and optimize a wealth of data through a series of scoring and learning systems into executive-level analytics. These higher-level data are shared openly with clients, fostering transparency, collaboration, and more effective end results. MediaNet takes seriously its commitment to client involvement and satisfaction along every step of the digital advertising process.

MediaNet Today

With immediate access to countless new media, technology, data, and creative options, the entire MediaNet team is thrilled to continue improving and expanding company offers to reach new heights of advertising success and client happiness. The company's commitment to delivering only the highest quality experience and results drives each and every decision, setting MediaNet up to maintain its status as trusted partner and innovator in the advertising technology space.

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The success of our company depends on our most vital resource, people. We have a unique culture based on collaboration, openness and hard work. We believe in doing what you love every day.

A brief history


Parent company, Casale Media, founded


Casale Media launches industry's first real-time advertising network, MediaNet®


MediaNet's "Brand Name" network launches; introduced to market as AgencySelect


MediaNet Custom Networks® planning tool rolls out


Rich-media-based video ad development & analytics platform is launched


Scope of digital studio services and rich media product offering is expanded


MediaNet proudly celebrates 10 years of digital media innovation and service excellence


MediaNet transitions from traditional managed service network to fully-programmatic, platform-agnostic operation


MediaNet becomes fully independent; grows its business intelligence and creative services groups