Analytics & insights

Rich engagement metrics are included with all MediaNet® ad products
so you can see exactly what your audience loves about your creative.

Creative performance

We track every second of actual video play time and every unique engagement generated by your campaign:

  • Impressions
  • Engagements (actual recorded video plays)
  • Click-throughs (to the landing page)
  • Total & average play time
  • Drop off intervals, complete video views, and more...

Heat mapping

See where users are hovering and interacting within your ad. Use these insights to make adjustments to future creative that draw the user's attention to where you want it.

Cross vendor tracking

Our analytics API enables viewer engagement metrics to be tracked across campaign media running outside of MediaNet® so you can have an apples-to-apples comparison of audience engagement across multiple vendors.

Brand lift studies

Consideration, unaided recall, awareness, favorability...whatever attributes
you want to lift, we can design and execute a study to measure them.

(at no added cost)

MediaNet® Views

Now you can know what Optimax® knows. You get a multi-dimensional view of exactly where and how your campaigns performed on our network. Insights include:

  • Performance by day/week part, region, ad unit, demographic and channel
  • Retargeting lift
  • Recency impact

Site level performance

These reports display the degree to which each site included as part of your campaign contributed to overall performance. Site-level statistics are computed and displayed post flight.

Campaign performance
(real time)

These reports provide detailed data on key performance metrics that allow you to keep tabs on how your campaign is performing while in flight. Core metrics reported on include impressions, clicks, transactions (where applicable), CTR and cost.

TV comparable measurement

Measure any MediaNet® campaign in television comparable terms
with the online GRP from Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.